About Dante Vargas
Producer/ Arranger / Composer / Trumpet Player.

Dante Vargas:
Dante Vargas born in Peru in the city of Trujillo, where he started to explore the infinite world of music, as a trumpet player, which would take him to visit the most important stages of the world.
His professional career started from a very early age in Colombia, a country which welcomed him with open arms and to which he is deeply thankful since there he formed his family and professionally got the chance to work with world renown artists such as: Fruko y sus Tesos, La Sonora Dinamita, El Grupo Gale, Los Titanes, Grupo Niche, El Combo De Las Estrellas, El Tropicombo and many more, to which he can take pride of being part in their recordings as he is actually doing with La Sonora Carruseles, to which he is producer and musical director.
Thanks to his vast experience and professionalism, his career has been taking him to new horizons which forced him to relocate to the city of Miami and place him in a very high level. Miami has allowed him to place himself in exclusive places in the musical world, not only in the tropical genre but also in other genres such as Pop, participating in the work and productions of famous artists such as Marc Anthony , Sergio George, Cristian Castro, Sin Banderas, Alejandro Sanz, in the musical of 'Selena Vive', Kumbia All Stars, Oscar De Leon, Olga Tañon, Andy Montañez, Tito Nieves , Luis Fonsi, Obby Bermudez, La India, Dyango, Paty Manterola, Mocedades, Palito Ortega, Charlie Cruz, Frankie Negron, Kiuldret, Arthur Hanlon, Lefty Perez, Rey Ruiz, Maelo Ruiz Etc...
Out of this vast experience Dante has extracted the best and that is why his dream has become a reality, to be able to produce his own musical challenge called "The Cat Band” where he exhibits his musical knowledge, mixing with the effort of many other great artists, but as always with God by his side to whom he thanks immensely for everything he has given him, from his musical talent to letting him be able to succeed in this dream which at the sight of many great musicians and his own creator, promises to be a great success and the beginning of a new musical era in Dante Vargas's life.
Thanks to the success that this great musician has had in the music business many fans and trumpet players are interested on buying his mouth piece for the trumpet, that is why one of his goals for this 2015 is to be represented by a music company to sell mouth piece for trumpets under his name “Dante Vargas”.








Mambo Cat Music
Due to the vast variety in Miami's cultural diversity, "Revolution Band" under the direction and production of Dante Vargas is available to perform at any special event you hold. The instruments we use in our band are thoughtfully selected in order to tailor to your musical endeavors. We are able to size up or down to fit your event whether that is two instrumentalist or a whole band. The variety of instruments we play range from guitar, drums, congas, bass, trumpet, sax, trombone, keys/piano, male/female vocalist, you name it! The members in "Revolution Band" are all internationally renown professional musicians. Many of them are actually working, playing and touring regularly with many of the industries biggest names.
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